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Vehicle Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning failure in vehicles is caused by a variety of reasons. AAMCO Total Car Care offers full maintenance and repair of vehicle air conditioning in Salt Lake City and the surrounding metro area. If your vehicle’s AC isn’t cooling properly, let one of our experienced technicians perform an inspection and diagnose the problem.

A healthy air conditioning system not only cools the interior of your car or truck—it also conditions the air and removes moisture to make you more comfortable. Your air conditioning compressor will usually last between 8 to 10 years, depending on use, and whether or not the vehicle has had regular maintenance checks and care.

The most obvious sign that your vehicle’s AC is failing is the lack of cool air blowing from the vents. It could indicate that the AC compressor has failed. But, there may be other signs that your AC needs attention:

  • Strange noises when you switch on your AC
  • Sporadic cooling, varies between cold air and warm air blowing from vents
  • Windshield fogs up when you switch on defroster
  • Odd smells coming from vents when you switch on AC

In some cases, the repair may be as simple as a system recharge with refrigerant. The only way to diagnose how much refrigerant is in the system is by using specialized equipment. AAMCO has the diagnostic tools to ensure your car or truck is recharged with the right amount of refrigerant. It’s also important to check for leaks or other issues that may be causing a lack of cool air flowing from your vents.

We’ll inspect all components of your car or truck’s AC system, including:

  • Cracked or damaged AC compressor drive belts
  • Visible leaks or other damage to all AC components
  • Leaks in lines, hoses, seals and other system components

You can trust AAMCO with professional vehicle AC repair in Salt Lake City. We provide our expert technicians the state-of-art diagnostic equipment and training they need to correctly identify the reasons for the decreased performance of your vehicle’s AC. We advise you of the repairs needed and the estimated cost of those repairs.

AAMCO is committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction. Call and make an appointment for an inspection of your vehicle’s air conditioning system today.



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