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Computer and Internal Check Service

At AAMCO, we believe two eyes are better than one. While our technicians are highly-trained, we use computer diagnostics and internal check services to ensure that no issue goes unnoticed. Many transmission problems start in the computer system of today's highly technical, computer-controlled vehicles. If your transmission receives the wrong signals from your vehicle's computer system, it can cause various problems throughout your engine’s components. By using advanced computer diagnostics for cars, there’s no need to worry about unnecessary repairs being completed. Instead, you have the peace of mind knowing that our experienced technicians have used precision tools to locate and diagnose each problem.

The AAMCO Computer and Internal Check Service is performed to determine if an electronic component is affecting your transmission's shifting or overall performance and includes:

  • Using a computer system scanner to retrieve any trouble codes and to determine the probable cause. All critical computer systems in the vehicle are checked for trouble codes because a variety of systems could cause driveability issues.
  • * Reviewing the computer system data against our proprietary AAMCO technical database - the most extensive transmission computer indication source available anywhere.
  • * Connecting the AAMCO Kwiktest PlusBox to see whether the problem is inside or outside of the transmission in the computer system.

Your AAMCO certified technician will also check the sensors, electronic components, and wiring to ensure that there are no issues. If any problems are detected, specific repairs will be recommended before work begins. This comprehensive analytic approach is what sets AAMCO apart from other shops in South Salt Lake City, UT. Don’t let transmission troubles affect your vehicle. Come see the AAMCO difference today.



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